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Introducing Paathshala: The School Management System Software

How do you feel if we told you that there is a way where you can run your educational institution, make classes, appoint teachers, or enroll students from wherever you want? Because this is possible with Paathshala: the school management system software.

Let us know about this new way to run your school or institution.

What Is Paathshala?

We already introduce you to paathshala, but what exactly does Paathshala do? Have a look at the details.

Paathshala is a school management system software that comes with a user-friendly interface. It is the best and easy solution for managing all your tasks related to administration. It is a cloud-based software that keeps your data secure and easy to access from where you are.

Now you guys are thinking, which type of users can use this interface.

It is suitable for all types of schools and institutions of all sizes. Paathshala will help you in organizing all educational institutions that have students and classes in the most convenient way.

What Makes Paathshala A Unique Solution For Every School

Good question. Ok, make it simple. It manages all the work related to the educational and management process. Paathshala school management system software is a useful tool for teachers, secretary-staff as well as the admission panel. Because of their access rights declared by you, a team with different views has access to the paathshala and its functions. The best part of the paathshala is that it has no costly setup fees, no installing, and troublesome hardware. All you need an internet browser. You need to create an account, and you can go on.

What Can I Do With Paathshala | Open Source School Management System

Here are the most enthralling things you can do with our open source school management system. Paathshala school management system software is the best way to arrange classes no matter what is the size. You can also organize student and teacher listings. The important fact of Paathshala is, it makes a list of features no matter how complicated administrative tasks are.

Best Features Of Paathshala

  • Adjust education periods.
  • You can register your new student’s data using their detailed profile or also re-register old students by transferring their data in the current session.
  • Include your students in classes or courses flexibly, depending on how to prepare your schedule.
  • Appoint teachers in groups.
  • Make a timetable for your classes.
  • You can manage your fees and track your due payments.
  • Make report cards of students.
  • You can notify parents/students if there are any types of changes.
  • Enter an appraisal.

It is the only school management system software.

Getting started

Paathshala is the smart school management system to ensure the most efficient operation of any educational organization. I think this is the easiest and most powerful (and cheapest) way to manage every detail of your school or educational institution.

There is no length procedure for setup and installation. There is no need to arrange demos or calls for sales etc.

Get started in a minute right now with a School Management Software.

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