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Student Management System is also referred to as a student information system or student database management system. Many schools are using the student management system software to keep the data and information in an organized way. The school is making its way to keep the data into the student management system. The data stored in software contains all the information of the student such as personal information, grades, and attendance. It is designed to perform a day-to-day administrative task related to the student of school through software. The software helps the school to closely monitor the student’s daily activities on a single platform.

Student Management Software in simple words is designed to replace the customary approach. In the traditional approach, it is difficult for the school management to manage the data of numerous students. It increases the working productivity and efficiency of the school to perform the administrative task. It saves a lot of time for the management which can be utilized to do more work is a lesser period.


There are many functions performed by the student management system.

  • ONLINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: In the traditional approach, the student attendance system was managed in pen and paper. The schools have now evolved the management digitally. The online attendance system is a part of the digitalization in schools. It is more convenient for both the student as well as school. It will track the attendance of every student individually. It helps the school to focus on student presence in the school along with participation in different activities. It keeps the management updated with the attendance report of the individual student as an attendance checking system.
  • DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: To handle the record into the file is a kind of pressure which usually faces by schools in the traditional approach. But with the help of the newest technology, the school can easily manage the student record. The record has aspects like personal information, academics record, and participation record of the student in extra curriculum activities. The software will manage the complete information of the student. It is the main reason it is also known as the student information management system. Through this, parents can easily keep an eye on their records of the ward and work accordingly for their improvisation.
  • HOMEWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Homework is the most important part of every student’s life. Earlier the separate notebooks were maintained by the student. It was difficult for the student to carry the heavyweight bags and teachers too. To make it lighter and reduce heavy bags burden, the homework is also managed by the student management software. Faculty will upload the homework and it will be visible on the student account. Once the student completed the homework, they will also upload the homework on the same portal. The parents are also aware of the homework.
  • ENQUIRY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: It is the most important part of student life. It establishes two-way communication between the school staff and parents. Parents can put their quires to management through the inquiry management system. The parents can put across their quires to the school for their ward’s everyday performance, extra participation, fee-related inquiry, and more. This part of the software plays a very important role in student performance and academics improvements. The working parents don’t have enough time to regularly visit the school for their ward’s report but the software minimizes the gap of communication between school and guardian.


The measure advantages covered by the student management system are:

  • It improves the performance of the student. As software helps in generating the aesthetic report of students, parents and school staff can easily keep an eye on student performance. Focus on studies is highly needed in the student’s life. The student needs to keep the relevant things intact for students to score well in academics.
  • Track recording of students becomes very easy. Initially, it was very difficult for the faculty to track the performance and record of the student. With the help of student management software, it becomes very easy for the teacher to track the record of every individual student. Teachers will get to know from the student’s dashboard from work is completed and how more efforts need with the particular student.
  • It helps the student to go through the lessons after the class. The lessons taught in the class was understood by every student is impossible. The software provides a portal through which you can revise the lesson and also have inbuilt discussion panels from which you can directly contact your teacher. It increases the teacher-student interaction.
  • It made it possible for the parents also to keep themselves updated with all the activities performed by the student on the school premises. They will also get to know the area of improvisation required for their pupil.
  • It reduces the paper load of school management. It is the biggest advantage which the school enjoys these days. The less paperwork but still the more productivity. It saves a lot of time which can be utilized by the school staff in other activities.
  • It also provides advice on where the student needs improvisation.


The above-mentioned points to tell why it is the best software for the school management system. It not only just manages the information but doing many other tasks such as attendance checking, student inquiry, and more. It is also referred to as the school attendance management system, student inquiry management system, and homework management because of the functionalities provided by the software.


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